Mischievous moggy found two years after vanishing – just metres away in neighbouring street

After two years missing, mischievous cat Alfie found meters away from home. Microchipping reunites her with owner Judith, emphasizing responsible pet ownership.
Alfie after being found and settled back in at home.

A mischievous moggy has been found after vanishing TWO YEARS ago – just metres away in a neighbouring street.

Judith Moss didn’t think she’d see her black cat Alfie again after she went missing in October 2021.

There was no sign of the 13-year-old puss for months until unbeknown to her she started turning up at a social club near her home.

Alfie after being found and settled back in at home.
Alfie after being found and settled back in at home. (Picture: Jam Press)

It was only when staff there were worried she’d hurt one of his legs, they alerted the RSPCA.

Animal rescue officer Lee Ferrans collected her, Alfie’s microchip was scanned and she was found to live round the corner.

Judith, who lives in John Street, Droylsden, Gtr Mancs, regularly walked past the John Street Social Club but didn’t see her.

The club is actually located in Herbert Street which is connected to her street.

John Street, Droylsden, Gtr Mancs. where Alfie the cat went missing.
John Street, Droylsden, Gtr Mancs. (Picture: Jam Press)

Chuffed Judith said: “Alfie has always been a bit of a wanderer and she’s a very friendly cat with the loudest purr.

“Who’ll go up and say hello to anyone.

“She had a collar on and I’d got her microchipped, and if she went off she came back.

“But obviously this time, when there was no sign of her for so long, I was beginning to think she wouldn’t return.

“It was a bit of a shock when I heard from Lee to say she’d been found.

“Especially as I go past the social club on my way to work, it’s literally just round the corner.

“I’d love to know what she’s been up to for the past two years.

“My guess is that she’s made some friends and been getting fed somewhere, although I’d searched the area and never seen her.

“Maybe now she’s two years older she’ll have put her adventures behind her and stay put.

“I hope so.”

Judith and her daughter first thought Alfie was a boy hence the male name.

She is now settling back in at home with her other moggy Rosie.

Mr Ferrans said: “More often than not when I pick up a stray cat, the animal isn’t microchipped which is frustrating.

“Especially when you suspect the cat is owned and is probably someone’s pet and you want to be able to return them home.”

He added: “I was a bit flabbergasted when I found out how long she’d been missing for.

Alfie after being found and settled back in at home.
Alfie after being found and settled back in at home. (Picture: Jam Press)

“Apart from a minor issue with her leg, she was in really good condition for a cat of her age.

“Her coat was lovely and I think she’s definitely had people looking out for her.

“Stories like this show that microchipping works, and how important it is to keep your contact details up to date.

“And I’m delighted to have been able to reunite her with Judith.”

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