‘I spent $120,000 and had my ribs broken to look like Wonder Woman – surgery is addictive’

A woman has revealed she is on a mission to become a real-life Wonder Woman – emulating the superhero look with numerous plastic surgeries.

A woman has revealed she is on a mission to become a real-life Wonder Woman – emulating the superhero look with numerous plastic surgeries.

Leslie Luxx has spent $120,000 to achieve her dream look, which she says she has almost reached – boasting an extreme hourglass figure.

While the model is thrilled with her unique look, she admits surgeries have become “addictive” and she has had to battle doctors refusing to operate on her and “uncomfortable” side effects.

“I’ve spent $120,000 and I’m looking to invest more to achieve my goal – I’m still not there, but I’m very close,” Leslie, who is based in Los Angeles, US, told NudePR.

“My dream body would be like a cartoon superhero.”

Leslie, who has two million followers on Instagram, was just 12 years old when she first saw the appeal of plastic surgery, after a family member had work done.

She said: “She looked so beautiful and I couldn’t believe it.

“It made her feel so confident and her body looked so curvy.”

Leslie Luxx before having her ribs broken. (Picture: Jam Press/@Shesitluxx)

She got her first procedure 10 years later at the age of 22, opting for breast implants.

Since then, she has gone on to have another set of implants, currently sporting an E-cup chest, as well as butt implants, a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), liposuction, and a rhinoplasty.

To achieve her minuscule waist, she claims she has even had her ribs broken to make it smaller, and has future plans to remove three on each side of her ribcage.

Despite being largely happy with her look, Leslie still plans for further procedures, including upping her breast implant size from their current 1,450cc to 2,700cc (F cup) and removing her “very uncomfortable” butt implants to have a second BBL.

Leslie Luxx. (Picture: Jam Press/@Shesitluxx)

However, she does have concerns about her obsession with changing her body.

Leslie said: “Surgery becomes addictive.

“When you have so much over a period of time – like every year – your body starts to kind of expect it.

“It’s only been a couple of months since my last breast surgery but it’s like my body is already ready for it, which is weird.

“In the US it’s been a problem with doctors refusing to operate on me.

“We don’t see eye-to-eye – they think it’s risky.

“I travel instead for my surgeries. The doctors abroad do what I want.

“There is an addiction to getting plastic surgery for sure, and I have body dysmorphia too.

“It’s all fun and games but I totally know something is wrong.

“But I really do like that look, and if I stop now, I’ll never reach my goal.

“I’m so close, why give up now?

“I want a giant, giant butt, and much bigger breasts.

“I’m also hoping to remove three ribs on each side.

“I just want a real superhero, cartoonish look.

“No one can be perfect, but if I can be the best version of myself then why not?”

Wonder Woman in particular has served as an inspiration for Leslie’s goal look.

She explained: “She’s a female, she saves the day and brings in the bad guys, and she’s so beautiful.

“Before having any surgery I was really athletic and would walk around the Venice beach boardwalk and people called me Wonder Girl.

“I wore bikinis and tiny shorts while working out and cruising the beach and boardwalk, attracting attention.

“I thought maybe I should be like her [Wonder Woman], she’s so amazing.

“I watched superhero movies from a young age and was really into it, and still am.

“The woman saving the day is so powerful.”

As well as superhero inspirations, the model also dabbles in other anime cosplays, often sharing pictures with her followers of herself dressed up as various characters.

Her outlandish fashions and unique look garners attention in public as well as online.

Leslie said: “I get reactions everywhere I’m at.

“People stare and take pictures of me.

“I’m used to it.

“I don’t mind the attention – it’s kind of what I want.”