‘I make THREE TIMES more money than my husband but I still do all the cleaning and cooking,’ says ‘traditional wife’ who rakes in $800,000 a year

Monica says she likes the idea of pleasing her man

A woman has revealed she makes almost three times her husband’s salary, but says is still happy to do all the cooking and cleaning at home while her husband relaxes.

Self-proclaimed “traditional wife”, Monica Huldt, 37, originally from Sweden and now living in Scottsdale, Arizona, makes $800,000 on OnlyFans every year, while her husband, John, 40, makes $300,000 through his own page.

But despite being the breadwinner, Monica, who has 2.4 million followers on Instagram (@swedish_bella) prefers her husband to handle their finances and would rather stick to running the household.

“Making more money than my partner is not really in line with the traditional housewife idea but we have a traditional way of thinking when it comes to our marriage,” the model told Jam Press.

“I pull in more cash but he looks after it, which gives me less of a headache to worry about the economics and paying bills.

“I do all the cooking, cleaning and taking care of the laundry.

“My husband takes care of the car, our finances, fixing up things around the house and driving me places if I need to – he does help me with a lot of things.

“I have always wanted to be a wife and a mom, and take care of my husband and kids. I like the idea of pleasing my man.

“I’m a giver so the role of being a housewife suits me very well.”

Monica with her husband John
Monica with her husband John (Picture: Jam Press)

The couple’s financial roles have only switched in recent years.

Before Monica started her OnlyFans page in 2017, John had the highest salary of the pair of them, working as a musician and personal trainer.

But as the model’s fan base grew, so did her monthly earnings – so much so that, late last year, John decided to quit his job and join her full time on OnlyFans.

Although she’s on track to becoming a millionaire, Monica says she always puts her role as a wife first and is happy for their roles to remain the same as before.

She said: “I will always put my marriage and my household first but I will never make one or the other suffer.

“I do see to it that my fans are taken care of and satisfied, because I’m a giver and that is extremely important to me as well.

“I try to balance everything.”

Monica posing in black lingerie
The OnlyFans star is on track to becoming a millionaire (Picture: Jam Press)

But she has suffered some abuse online from people who disagree with her unique way of life, calling her “dumb” for choosing to put John’s needs first.

Monica added: “A lot of people have been extremely mean about it.

“I get told that I’m dumb, that my husband is ugly and I should leave him.

“People can’t seem to accept that everyone is different.

“I really love our lifestyle and I think a lot of especially women are not understanding that you can actually be a happy wife and please your man.”

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