Man goes viral after stranger on bus falls asleep on his shoulder – and pair fall in love.


Eddy Oscco Huarcaya met his girlfriend, Catalina, on 5 July 2022, when she fell asleep on his shoulder while travelling on a bus.

The pair were complete strangers but a romance soon blossomed.

Eddy and Catalina (Picture: Jam Press)

Eddy later shared a video of how the duo met on TikTok, where it has racked up over 14.4M views, 909,000 likes and plenty of comments.

The pair didn’t actually begin speaking straight away, having encountered each other twice before making a move.

The first time Esie’s now girlfriend stepped onto the bus, she was sitting next to someone else, who later stepped off the bus – at which point, he took the seat.

She then fell asleep on his shoulder but the pair didn’t speak beyond that and went their separate ways.

“When I got on the bus, she was sitting next to the aisle seat with a lady,” Eddy told NeedToKnow.Online.

“She ended up falling asleep, so I let her rest.”

A few weeks later, on 3 August, Eddy spotted the woman again and decided to heed fate’s call.

He said: “I decided to speak to her and asked for her WhatsApp number, we talked and ended up going on dates.

Catalina on the bus (Picture: Jam Press)

“We’re now dating and I feel super happy because I have the most beautiful girl in the world!”

The couple are yet to introduce each other to their respective families but are excited to take the next step.

Eddy asks Catalina for her phone number (Picture: Jam Press)

Eddy added: “I feel like I’m living a dream, I dreamed of being with such a wonderful person!”

In the video, his girlfriend can be seen asleep on his shoulder, before the camera cuts to a clip of her on the bus.

Later, there’s a third video showing Esie walking up to her, asking for her number.

Catalina and Eddy on their first date (Picture: Jam Press)

One person commented: “And there begins a love story.”

Another said: “It makes me nervous to even say hello!”

Someone else commented: “I hope they never part.”

“For these things I still do not lose faith in love,” said one user.

Catalina and Eddy now (Picture: Jam Press)

“I want to live that beautiful dream,” said another fan.

Another user commented: “WHAT A CUTE LOVE STORY.”

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