A TikToker has gone viral sharing a game-changing hack for how to save money on flights and get the cheapest deal possible – and claims to have saved £17,000 through the trick.

Queenie Tan, 26, from Sydney, Australia, has spent the last four months living her dream and travelling around the world, while picking up some thrifty tips along the way.

Queenie Tan

The content creator recently took to TikTok to share a thrifty secret, with her clip getting over 46,000 views and 2,500 likes so far, as well as plenty of comments from thankful viewers.

According to the influencer, you simply use “the Google flight hack”.

“The Google flight hack is a great way to find cheap flights when you don’t have a particular destination in mind and you’re flexible on your travel dates!,” Queenie told NeedToKnow.online.

Queenie Tan explains how to get cheap flights in one of her TikTok videos

“The first step is to go on https://www.google.com/travel/flight.

“Then, pick the city you’re traveling from.

“Make sure to leave the destination blank, then clock on the map and it’ll give you a wide choice of destinations with low prices!”

Using her trick, Queenie has saved herself from AUD 50 (£29.07) to AUD 300 (£174.46) per flight during her summer in Europe.

Queenie Tan explains how to get cheap flights in one of her TikTok videos

She said: “I usually use the hack to plan my holiday and see how much each destination costs before traveling, and also to find the cheapest dates to travel!  

“So I can see if it is a good idea to go somewhere or not and how much the overall trip would cost.”

She also uses the Google price graph to see if flights are more or less expensive than usual.

Queenie Tan

Queenie said: “Then I’ll create a price alert for myself so it will alert me when the prices for the flight I’d like to take change!”

In the TikTok, she uses a green screen  to show Google flights while describing how it works.

She then shows all the cheap places to travel to as well as options for return tickets.

One person said: “Great idea!! thank you.”

Another person commented: “Wow things that are closer are cheaper!”

Someone else said: “Cool hack.”

“Yessss! I do this all the time it’s the best,” agreed another user. [sic]

“I knew this one!,” said someone else.

Queenie and her partner Pablo, 30, estimate that they have saved thousands while travelling.

She added: “Personally, since I started using all these, my partner and I probably would have saved over AUD 30,000 (£17,446).

“Also, one last tip, a little bit of planning before your trip can save you a lot of money overall on travel!”