‘Pop off gramps’: Lollipop man, 75, from Birmingham goes viral with stylish outfits and impressive dance moves – even LIZZO is a fan

A 75-year-old Brummie has gone viral on TikTok for his excellent wardrobe and dance moves – even counting A-lister Lizzo as a fan.

A 75-year-old Brummie has gone viral on TikTok for his excellent wardrobe and dance moves – even counting A-lister Lizzo as a fan.

Jay Scott, 28, a social media influencer from Birmingham, is racking up the follower count thanks to his dad’s impressive outfits – with people swiftly falling in love with Brian Kilgallon, who works as a lollipop man.

A recent video showing off the pair’s unique style – put together by Jay – has seen the elderly man and his son rack up over 17.9 million views.

Brian Kilgallon as a lollipop man (Picture: Jam Press)

In the clip, Brian sports a dark green and neon sweatshirt, patterned with Patrick from SpongeBob, while Jay wears a pink trouser and sweater vest combination.

The 75-year-old then breaks out in dance, recreating the routine made popular by singer Lizzo, who has even spotted the video herself. “THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!,” the artist commented on the clip.

The popular TikTok video where Brian is dressed in a spongebob sweater (Video: Jam Press)

For Brian, his newfound fame has been a shock. “The last six months have been unbelievable,” he told NeedToKnow.online.

“I never knew about TikTok until my son mentioned it and we did a dance on Father’s Day during lockdown because he couldn’t take me out for a meal and then the videos started getting a lot of views.

“People are recognising me and at the school where I’m a lollipop man, people are honking their horns at me.

“I couldn’t believe we got over 17.9 million views on one video and Lizzo who’s a big superstar and Grammy award winner commented on it.

Brian and Jay looking dapper (Picture: Jam Press)

“With my sons help and TikTok, I’ve found a new lease of life. My life has totally changed for the better at 75 years old, I love it!”

Growing up, the son-and-dad-duo were inseparable and they are blown away by the response to their videos.

However, while Brian appears to pick up the dances in a flash, the dad-of-one does sometimes struggle with his viral moves.

“Everyone who knows us tells me I have the best and most supportive dad – I do realise now that he really is one-of-a-kind,” Jay told NeedToKnow.online.

Video grab from one of their dancing videos (Picture: Jam Press)

“He’s never made me feel like being into fashion was weird or wanting to be a music artist was unattainable.

“I never dressed like everyone else from my hometown and I prefer much more bold, bright, crazy clothes.

“People say the videos make them so happy and it brings them joy seeing our relationship together.” Despite his age, Brian loves his eye-striking outfits, especially his bright pink two-piece suit.

Jay said: “Dad wants people to know who he is and he’s basically famous in our hometown.

“When he’s crossing the kids, the cars beep their horns at him and parents say they love watching our videos.

“I’ve always known that we’re unique, but it really makes me realise how lucky I am to have the dad I do.  

Brian and Jay (Picture: Jam Press)

“My dad does take a little bit longer [on the dances], but he’s definitely getting better.

“As he’s getting older and has never really danced before, it’s sometimes a lot for his brain to take in and we only film for an hour max.

“Otherwise, he’ll get flustered and overwhelmed, so starts to forget the dances – but after he’s had a break, he asks when we’re going to start filming again.”

Social media users regularly flock to the comments’ section to share their reactions, with many blown away by Brian’s style and skills.

“POP OFF GRAMPS,” wrote one user. [sic]

“He looks so happy learning these dances,” added someone else.

“He’s adorable!,” wrote another person.

Brian and Jay having a boogie to the Lizzo song (Picture: Jam Press)

“He reminds me of Charlie buckets grandpa in Charlie & the chocolate factory! The one that took Charlie to the tour!” said one user. [sic]

“OMG HE IS SO SO CUUUUTE OMG,” wrote another viewer. [sic]

Someone else said: “Ugh he is the most precious everrrrrrrrr” [sic] In the future, the pair hope to have luxury brands style them, with their biggest dream filming a video in matching Gucci tracksuits.

Jay added: “It’s kind of strange, because at first, I didn’t take it seriously, but now I’m starting to get recognised a lot more.

“I’m getting opportunities I could have only dreamed of and it feels like they’re finally coming true – I never thought doing videos with my dad would lead me to this.”

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