Thieving cat who pinched KNICKERS and BRAS from her owner’s neighbours has died


A thieving cat who pinched KNICKERS and BRAS from his owner’s neighbours has died after eight years of thieving.

Nine-year-old Gizmo started his criminal career as a one-year-old kitten.

Gizmo stole items from neighbours for eight years (Credit: Jam Press)

He left owner Jenny Whittington stunned when he used to come home with his ill-gotten gains.

As well as pinching pants, black and white moggy Gizmo – also known as Gizzy – used to steal soft toys and other household items.

They included a swimsuit, gardening mitts, a knee support, flip flops, clothes, towels, rubber gloves and shoes.

The feline once stole a purse with cash inside.

She thinks her and her partner and decorator partner Pete’s ginger cat Thomas used to go out and stand guard while Gizmo went in gardens and houses.

Neighbour’s knickers pinched by Gizmo (Credit: Jam Press)

Jenny, of Newport, Isle of Wight, had to set up a Facebook page to try and reunite the items with their owners.

She shared snaps of them and hoped her neighbours would come forward.

But sadly, she had to have him put down after their vet diagnosed an irreversible heart condition.

Radiologist Jenny said: “It breaks my heart saying that very sadly Gizzy passed away in our arms.

“It was very sudden.

“He had heart failure, and it was the kindest thing to do. as it was irreversible, and we didn’t want him to suffer in pain anymore.

“He will be missed beyond words.”

Jenny – who had Gizmo since he was an eight-week-old kitten – added: “We don’t know where he went or how far.

Owner Jenny Whittington with Gizmo (Credit: Jam Press)

“However, he sometimes came home smelling of perfume. It was the kind of scent an old lady might wear.

“He was very loving. He would never leave my side if I was poorly.”

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