Herd of cows walk in a trance-like line after hearing man play trumpet

Herd of cows walk in a trance-like line after hearing man play trumpet

A herd of cows were left mesmerised by a trumpet player and followed from their field to watch him play.

Lyssa Truman and her friends were having a barbecue on a cliff top overlooking the sea.

Pal Alfons Fears, 51, started playing the instrument after their food.

The group were left stunned when the nine brown bovines wandered up in a long line to listen.

The farm animals then stood in front of the shocked group to take in the show.

Lyssa, 53, filmed the remarkable moment at Culver Down, near Sandown, Isle of Wight on 7 June.

Cows hear trumpet and walk towards it (Credit: Jam Press)

She had friends Alfons, 51, his partner Kelly Hobson and their eight-year-old son Boden to stay from Vancouver Island, Canada.

Lyssa said: “Alfons who is a professional trumpet player.

He has been performing, teaching and recording music for over 20 years and he decided to get his trumpet out to play us a few tunes.

“Within minutes, one by one a herd of cows appeared and came straight over to us.

Trumpet-loving herd more towards barbecue (Credit: Jam Press)

“They were absolutely mesmerised by Alfons’ performance and seem to really enjoy it.

“In fact they stayed the whole time he played.”

Lyssa, of Sandown, joked: “Myself and Kelly played a couple of Ukuleles after that.

Cows come in for a closer look (Credit: Jam Press)

“But the cows didn’t seem that interested. It was all about the trumpet for them.”