Greedy snake ate rodent still attached to mousetrap


A greedy snake ate a rodent while it was still attached to a mousetrap.

The silly serpent had to undergo a lifesaving op after being left with a rectangular-shaped bulge in its stomach.

The prairie rattlesnake had devoured the mouse along with the wooden Victor Easy Set Mousetrap it was caught in.

The smallest version of the mousetrap is 4 inches long by 1.75 inches wide.

Cottonwood Rehab based in the city of Española, New Mexico, US, rescued the pit viper.

The rattlesnake was left with a rectangular-shaped bulge in its stomach (Photo: Jam Press)

A Cottonwood Rehab spokesperson said: “When you think you have seen it all.

“Got to work with Tom Wyant, a four-star snake wrangler to save this rattlesnake from its stupidity.

“He caught the mouse but did not realise it was still attached to the mouse trap.”

It is unclear how long the snake had the mousetrap in its stomach, but the prey was still intact when it was removed.

The mouse was still intact when it was removed (Photo: Jam Press)

One local commented: “Thank you for saving him from himself.

“Hope there’s a full recovery.”

Edward said: “Wow. I have seen snakes ingest some pretty odd things but never a mouse in a mouse trap.

“Hopefully those pointy corners on the trap didn’t perforate or otherwise compromise the gut.”

The snake after undergoing an operation to remove the wooden contraption (Photo: Jam Press)

Nancy stated: “Definitely made a bad life choice.”

Mary asked: “Did he get to keep the mouse in the end?”

Lisa wrote: “Certainly wouldn’t call the snake’s action ‘stupidity’.

“He was just trying to eat.”

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