Woman falls in love with MUGGER after he robs her in street


A woman has reportedly fallen in love with her mugger after he robbed her in the street – with the pair now head over heels for each other.

The criminal allegedly nicked the woman’s phone but after perusing her photos was left mesmerised by her beauty – saying to himself “you don’t see a brunette like that every day”.

He then managed to contact her using details found on the phone.

The forgiving woman, identified only as Emanuela in local press, then reportedly became charmed by the mugger, and the pair have just celebrated two years together as a couple.

The couple was interviewed while attending an event (Photo: Jam Press)

“I was walking down the street where he lives and unfortunately, I was mugged,” Emanuela told a reporter while at an event in Brazil.

Meanwhile the man, not named, told the reporter: “I was going through a difficult situation because I didn’t have a woman, you know?

“When I saw her photo on the phone, I said to myself ‘what a beautiful brunette, you don’t see a brunette like that every day’ and I regretted stealing it.”

The reporter then quipped: “So you stole her phone and then her heart?”

The story has left social media users stunned, with thousands of views across multiple posts.

He said he regretted stealing the woman’s phone (Photo: Jam Press)

One local commented: “In Brazil it is normal to fall in love with a criminal.”

Fernando said: “Love can accomplish anything.”

Beatriz wrote: “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

Victor remarked: “There is a new form of romance in Brazil. Rob me and I’ll date you. It’s bizarre.”

Patricia commented: “Brazil is not for amateurs.”

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