Mystery as creepy ‘Man in White’ terrorises neighbourhood


A mysterious ‘Man in White’ is terrorising a local neighbourhood amid claims he looks like the character from a slasher movie series.

Frightened residents said the unidentified man runs around everywhere while dressed from head to toe in white.

Many locals compared the mysterious man to the horror character Art the Clown from the ‘Terrifier’ movie series.

The mystery man has been seen daily, prowling the streets of Coacalco in Mexico.

Some locals said he is approachable and friendly, while others claimed that he seems menacing, with bloodstains sometimes visible around his mouth.

Residents presume that he isn’t a homeless person as his white costume is always clean.

TikTok user ‘El Tobi’ shared a clip of him that went viral with 1.7 million views.

The narrator claims: “Despite the testimonies of many people saying he is a peaceful person, there are others who say he follows people and steals products from market stalls.”

One local resident said: “Everyone takes it as a joke, but I’m curious to know who he is or why he does that.”

Another added: “I see him every day, he always runs about 10 km or more a day, he is always in white and dashes between the cars.”

Evan asked: “Why doesn’t someone call 911? It is clear that something is wrong.”

The mystery man prowls the streets of Coacalco in Mexico (Photo: Jam Press)

Reyna wrote: “I’ve seen him, and the truth is he scared me.”

Dan remarked: “That is how ‘Terrifier’ begins.”

Angel commented: “I don’t know why, he reminds me of ‘Terrifier’.”

Peter joked: “What detergent does he use? My clothes don’t stay white for even an hour!”

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