Ironman hits himself 1,000 times a day with mallet


A beefy ironman has become an online sensation for hitting himself 1,000 times a day with a mallet.

Lino Tomasén Camacho has gained over 106,000 Facebook followers thanks to his unusual strength and ability to withstand pain.

He said he has been hammering each of his hands every day with his Thor-like mallet since he was 15 years old.

The beefy Cuban also has numerous viral videos of him showing off his unusual skill on social media.

One clip shows Lino – known as ‘The Cuban Ironman’ – pretending to square up to a boxer in a city square before taking off his gloves and hammering his hand with his trusted mallet.

In the same show, the strongman also cracks open a coconut with his elbow and performs push-ups on his wrists with a pal sitting on top of him.

Another video shows Lino thumping his hands with his mallet in time with the salsa music being performed by local musicians.

Lino said he inherited his skill from his father, known as ‘The Magic Man’ in Cuba.

Following his online fame, Lino started receiving invitations to perform at festivals and concerts in his Caribbean homeland.

Last week, he announced that he would perform at the Rodeo del Parque Lenin in the Cuban capital Havana.

He wrote: “I never thought they would invite me to open one of the most glorious and established concerts in Cuba.”

One fan commented: “Always working brother, thousands of blessings.”

Sandro wrote: “Congratulations champion, you show em.”


Josiel said: “The hardest ironman.”

Adianys remarked: “Effort is the key to success. Always be humble like that my friend, that’s why God blesses you.”

However, Alberto commented: “He has a high level of stupid.”

Alex said: “Bad arthritis awaits you my friend. Leave that, you can do better things without hurting yourself.”

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