Force of nature! Lightning strikes tree in POLICE station car park


A lightning bolt strikes a tree in a packed police station car park.

The scary moment was captured on CCTV.

The flashing streak can be seen zapping the branches.

Orange flames briefly ignite several branches and the ground next to a parked white van.

Luckily, no one was injured and only one vehicle sustained damage at Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, US.

A police spokesperson said: “Check out a lightning strike hitting our back parking lot at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

“We’re happy to report there were no injuries.”

The police added that “one vehicle had mechanical damage.”

A vehicle was damaged by the lightning strike (Photo: Jam Press)

One local said: “You know what they say about lightning strikes.”

Brenda commented: “That looked dangerous. Thank God nobody was nearby.”

Crystal wrote: “The lightning was especially malicious this morning. My husband had to scoop a charred bunny carcass out of the end of our driveway.”

Evelyn remarked: “So glad everyone is okay. That’s scary. Be safe my friends.”

Joe joked: “Great Scott.”

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