Canoodling cop under further investigation after a SECOND video emerges allegedly involving him and woman

A canoodling cop is under further investigation after a SECOND video emerged allegedly involving him and a woman.

A canoodling cop is under further investigation after a SECOND video emerged allegedly involving him and a woman.

The officer – named Corporal Francesco Marlett – was suspended and subject of a probe on Tuesday (5 Sept).

That came after he was allegedly filmed hugging a lady and getting in the back of his squad car.

It happened in Oxon Hill, Maryland, US.

But a second clip showing a woman getting in a police vehicle has come to light.

She first jogs away from it, but then goes back and opens the door and climbs in.

A police officer is not seen in the footage.

It was filmed on 2 July and is believed to be in the same area.

The footage was filmed by an onlooker – named Gabriela – who told Jam Press: “I saw a cop car parking in the park thinking he came to keep an eye on the neighborhood because Oxon Hill is a very dangerous area.

“Not two minutes after him parking, I see him getting down and walking to a car parked like one parking spot from him and I see a female inside the car and the officer starts talking to her.

“Like two minutes later the female gets down and they both walk to the cop car and opened the back door and both got in.

“I was shocked so I didn’t record the full time because I was like ‘Wow I’ve never seen anything like this, mostly where there are kids playing and people watching’.

“It’s very disturbing and disgusting.”

Gabriela claims the car was there “for about one or two hours.”

She added: “When I saw that video I was actually very shocked because when you see a police car pulling into a park, your first thought is ‘He’s coming to make sure everything is okay and no danger going on’.

“But seeing that video actually shock me because it seems like it wasn’t his first or second time doing that out in public where there are a lot of eyes watching.”

Video grab of the girl getting into the back of the police car. (Picture: Jam Press)

A Prince George’s County Police Department spokesperson said: “Our Internal Affairs Division is actively investigating the actions of a Prince George’s County Police officer that were recorded and posted on social media.

“The department is aware of two videos involving Corporal Francesco Marlett and an adult female.

“As soon as the agency became aware of the first video on Tuesday, IAD opened an investigation and Chief Malik Aziz decisively suspended this officer’s police powers.

“As part of its investigation, the Internal Affairs Division is attempting to interview all parties involved as well as citizens with knowledge of the interactions.

“IAD encourages those with knowledge to please assist with the investigation by speaking with detectives.

“Your information could play a key role in helping us determine exactly what happened and taking appropriate action.”

The spokesperson added: “Once the IAD investigation is complete, the Administrative Charging Committee, which was established by Maryland law as part of the legislature’s police reform actions, will make a recommendation to Chief Aziz regarding any potential disciplinary actions.

Video grab of what is supposedly the same officer, with another girl outside his police car. (Picture: Jam Press)

“This is now standard protocol in all IAD investigations. The investigation will also be reviewed by the Police Accountability Board.

“I know the officer’s actions seen on these videos have sparked a range of emotions in the community and put a negative spotlight on this agency and the many hard-working women and men who wear our uniform.

“I expect every officer to conduct themselves in a way that will not dishonor this agency or this county. I assure the residents of Prince George’s County I take this matter extremely seriously,” said Chief Malik Aziz.”

The spokesperson continued: “In 2016, a previous administration internally disciplined Corporal Marlett on sustained administrative charges of unbecoming conduct/child abuse and unbecoming conduct/assault second degree.

“Officer Marlett was removed from the next promotional cycle and fined $1,500 for his actions.

“According to Maryland Judiciary Case Search, in 2019, a hearing was held in Calvert County and a judge denied a petition for a peace order after ruling there was no statutory basis and again in 2023, after a hearing in Charles County, a judge denied a petition for a final protective order after ruling there was no statutory basis.

“In both of those instances, we took these allegations seriously and IAD conducted administrative investigations and ruled the allegations unfounded. In the 2023 case, the ACC concurred with the findings and recommended that the charges were unfounded.”

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