Nigella Lawson mixes COFFEE with GIN


Wacky Nigella Lawson likes to mix COFFEE with GIN.

The telly cook queen is renowned for her unusual food combinations.

But the 63-year-old is a huge fan of a cocktail made from the two drinks.

It is made with Tanqueray and chilled espresso.

And she said you can even add coffee liqueur to liven it up even more.

Telly cook queen Nigella Lawson (Credit: Jam Press)

Nigella said: “Fierce Gin and Coffee Cocktail.

“Equal parts Tanqueray and chilled espresso, shaken over ice.

“And maybe a splosh of coffee liqueur.

“With a Savoiardi biscuit for dunking.”

Some fans questioned the odd combo.

Donna Moyle joked: “This will start the fire in someone.

“Knock your shoes off.”

But others loved it.

Nigella fans are split on the combo (Credit: Jam Press)

Sue Butcher: “Wow that is amazing.”

Another added: “Two of my favourite things.”

A fourth said: “Love the idea of a dunking biscuit.”

Previously, Nigella has made wacky meals like caramel on potatoes and marmite on spaghetti.

Three years ago, she caused a stir by calling a ‘microwave’ a ‘mee-cro-wah-vay.’

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