Spar puts empty jars of coffee on shelves to thwart shoplifters


Spar has put empty jars of instant coffee on its shelves to try and thwart shoplifters.

The budget supermarket has ten different varieties that are all empty.

The most expensive is a 200g one of Nescafe Gold Blend costing a whopping £7.25.

A tiny 100g container of L’Or Classic costs £6.99 and a 95g Nescafe Gold Blend Alta Rica priced at £5.55.

There are also no coffee granules in the 200g Nescafe Original – £5.50 – and the £4.29 Douwe Egberts Pure Gold.

The Spar supermarket in Burnley where coffee jars are empty on the shelves (Credit: Jam Press)

There are also dummy jars of 95g of Nescafe Gold Blend, £3.65 and Kenco, Rich, Smooth or Decaf ,£3.50.

A 95g of Nescafe Original priced at £3.09 is still empty.

A “sign on the shelf says: “If you require any items on display please take them to the tills.”

The only one with coffee in it is the Spar own brand costing £2.99.

They were spotted at a store in Burnley, Lancs – just a mile from Burnley’s Turf Moor Premier League ground.

Local Dave Gurnett was shocked to see it.

Customers told to take the empty jar to the tills to exchange it for a full one (Credit: Jam Press)

He said: “Poverty and desperation are at record levels.

“People are relying on shoplifting and food banks to survive.

Another local – called Craig – said: “Expensive jars.

“Such a shame when they have to go to such lengths to run a business.”

Another – named Dan – said: “It’s a sad state of affairs really.”

It comes due to rising supermarket prices amid the cost of living crisis and a spike in shoplifting as Brits can’t afford them.

Spar has been approached for comment.

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