Boy mistakes John Lennon for Harry Potter, leaving dad in stitches


A young lad mistook a street art mural of John Lennon for Harry Potter, leaving his dad in stitches.

The boy is in the family car as they pass the painting of The Beatles legend on a wall by the side of the street.

The lad says he can see a picture of the JK Rowling schoolboy wizard character and his dad appears confused and asks him to repeat himself.

As they pass the mural of the Fab Four, the boy points and shouts: “There he is.”

The dad slows down to look at the mural and realises his son is talking about Lennon.

He is seen wearing his famous round glasses – just like Harry Potter’s.

He corrects his son: “Ah, The Beatles.”

The clip was filmed on a street in Mexicali, Mexico.

The dad later shared the video on his ‘MemoZozaya’ TikTok page where it got 1.9 million views and nearly 1,500 comments.

He accompanied the clip with the message: “Hahaha, I can’t.

“Harry Potter and The Beatles.

“Made to confuse you.”

The video was filmed in the Mexican city of Mexicali (Photo: Jam Press)

One viewer joked: “Harry Potter and the Mystery of the British Beatle.”

Another wrote: “When I was little, my mum wore a John Lennon T-shirt and I said the same thing to her!”

Nuri said: “Well at least he knows who Harry Potter is.”

Carlos commented: “Next to him is Ron Weasley.”

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