Woman leaves internet stunned getting legs waxed on public transport


Passengers were left horrified as a woman decided to wax her legs while on a bus.

The clip was filmed by a baffled commuter and shared on social media on Saturday (21 October).

It was titled: “I love her so much; she was so genuine for this.”

It also featured the caption: “Things I would miss out on if I lived in Europe.”

It has since been watched one million times.

The recording – filmed in Bogotá, Colombia – shows the woman grinning widely as she chats away on her phone.

Meanwhile, the boot on her right foot is rolled down to the ankle as she applies a couple of wax strips to her shin.

The passengers sitting around her either watch on in bemusement or awkwardly avert their gaze.

A busker who walks past asking for loose change can be heard uttering: “I can’t believe it.”

A woman can then be heard exclaiming: “How disgusting!”

The woman waxing her legs then sassily hits back: “If you don’t like it, take a cab.”

Social media users did not hold back in the comments section.

The woman allegedly told angry passengers to ‘take a cab’ (Photo: Jam Press)

Ricardo vented: “I don’t understand why people idolise these behaviours.

“They like the brash, confrontational woman who waxes on public transport and disturbs others.

“Is she a role model to follow? Ridiculous.”

But another person hit back: “I don’t think they idolise her for being ‘brash’, but for being authentic.

“Life is too short to be concerned about whether someone is waxing their leg.

“And using wax strips to remove hair is not disgusting and doesn’t bother anyone or invade their personal space.

“The smell of sweat and body odour from the majority of ‘normal’ people is more bothersome.”

Kevin simply observed: “There are people who need attention just because.”

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