Road workers rescue man trapped inside TRAFFIC CONE


A trapped man has been rescued after he got trapped in a traffic cone after clambering inside to escape the rain.

Workmen were collecting cones on a busy road when one of the road engineers noticed one was far heavier than it should be.

The official then heard a muffled voice from inside the giant cone.

One onlooker filmed on their mobile phone as the worker talked to the trapped man after flipping the cone on its side.

The official realised the man was wedged inside and lifted it up to let gravity run its course.

The trapped man started to slide down the inside of the cone and the worker assisted by lifting it vertically.

The hapless man was then seen sitting on the ground feeling somewhat sorry for himself.

The Traffic Engineering Company (CET) official and a colleague laugh at the unusual scene and the rescued resident apparently sees the funny side too.

The man explained that he ventured inside the cone to escape the heavy rainfall in São Paulo, Brazil, at around 10.30pm on Sunday (29 Oct).

The man became trapped after clambering inside to escape the rain (Photo: Jam Press)

The traffic authorities said the resident was uninjured in the bizarre incident.

A CET spokesperson said: “The official helped the person get out and offered to call for medical help.

“In the end, the rescued man did not require any medical attention.”

Local Leandro joked: “I hate it when that happens.”

Another added: “He’s a bro.”

Fábio said: “Icon.”

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