Flash flood! Over £1.4million of Ferraris flooded during car meet


Over £1.4million of Ferraris were left submerged in water during a flash flood at a car meet.

At least eight of the red sports cars were parked under a wooden shelter in the car park.

But after the heavy rain, they were seen marooned underwater.

Ferraris cost about £180,000, on average.

It happened in Urubici, southwest of São Paulo, Brazil, on Saturday (7 Oct).

The supercars were driven there for the Ferrari Stradale Serra Catarinense, a national event that brings together a number of Brazilian Ferrari owners.

However, the flood did not dampen the owners’ mood.

Luckily, none of the flash cars were substantially damaged by floodwater.

A spokesperson for the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Brazil said: “We are already in contact with community leaders in the region and are organising donations among partners to help with the recovery operation.

“The FOC encourages the use of the vehicles, but always put safety first without forgetting the social responsibility we carry.”

Locals were less than sympathetic.

One joked: “Some insurance company will go bankrupt today.”

Another said: “Those guys have a lot of money. They were warned about the rain and they still went there to hold a Ferrari meeting?”

Someone else remarked: “Not that the entire region wasn’t repeatedly warned for days about what was coming this weekend…”

The Ferraris were submerged in water in Brazil (Photo: Jam Press)

Sergio wrote: “What a satisfying image.”

According to the Civil Defence, heavy rains affected 78 towns and cities in Santa Catarina State while 31 different municipalities declared a state of emergency.

At least one person was killed by the floods in the municipality of Rio do Oeste and another was seriously injured in Timbó.

Heavy rainfall was accompanied by lightning strikes, strong gusts of wind, and hailstones.

Since 3 October, state firefighting crews have responded to 184 call-outs in the region, including the rescue of stranded families.

Police teams and council crews were also called out to help residents affected by flooding, landslides, blocked roads, and other issues in rural areas.

The storm is expected to pass today (9 October).

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