Man eaten by piranhas after boat crash on Amazonian river


A man has been eaten by piranhas after a boat crash on an Amazonian river.

Two vessels collided while carrying a total of five people.

Three passengers were rescued alive while two people remained missing.

After nightfall, the search for the missing victims was suspended until the following day.

The body of Joney Jose Silva da Luz, 38, who was driving one of the boats, was discovered the following morning.

His corpse was found with multiple bites from a shoal of piranhas in the river.

One of the boats after the crash (Photo: Jam Press)

Joney’s ravaged remains were pulled out of the water and placed on one of the rescue boats.

The victim’s wife was one of the three survivors.

A passenger on the other vessel, named as Wagner Silva, still remains missing and is presumed dead.

The pilot of the boat was one of the surviving group members.

The boat crash took place on the Cuiabá River in Barão de Melgaço, Brazil, at around 6pm on Saturday (9 Sept).

Wagner Silva still remains missing (Photo: Jam Press)

The Brazilian Navy said they sent a search and rescue team to the location as soon as they learned of the accident.

A spokesperson said: “An administrative procedure has been initiated to determine the cause, circumstances and responsibility of the incident.”

As of 11 September, divers are still searching for Wagner’s body.

Access to the area has been restricted by the authorities as the investigation continues.

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