Mythical bloodsucking Chupacabra allegedly shot dead by hunters


A fearsome, mythical bloodsucking beast known as ‘Chupacabra’ has allegedly been shot dead by hunters.

The demon-like creature is said to drink the blood of livestock, terrorising local farmers and agricultural workers.

However, a group of men claim to have gunned down the mysterious beast in a forest.

They filmed what they say is the deceased Chupacabra, whose name translates to ‘Goat-Sucker’.

It happened in the woods in Guia Lopes da Laguna, west of São Paulo, Brazil.

In the video, one of the hunters explains that they came across the vampiric creature while hunting wild boar on the edge of town.

The dead beast has human-like hands and is roughly the size of a large monkey.

The man claims that they chased the bloodsucking monster before their hunting dogs fought with it.

One of the hunters then allegedly shot the beast dead.

The group explains that they filmed the video as proof of the monster’s demise.

Chupacabra was allegedly shot dead in a forest in Brazil (Photo: Jam Press)

However, sceptics said it could also be a decomposing howler monkey.

Howler monkeys are native to South and Central American forests and are commonly found in the area.

Reports also said that the animal appeared to be dead for several days and not a fresh kill, as claimed by the hunters.

The local authorities have yet to issue a statement on the matter.

In June this year, Chupacabra was filmed walking across a field after allegedly drinking the blood of local livestock.

The drone footage appears to show a dark, two-legged creature walking across an open field near the Bolivian city of Oruro.

The hunched figure was filmed shortly after several cows, llamas, and alpacas were found dead in the area.

Due to the injuries on the animal’s necks, many locals attributed their deaths to Chupacabra.

Local farmers erected fences around their livestock in response to the alleged demonic attack.

There have been numerous alleged sightings of Chupacabra in the Americas since the 1970s, including as far north as Maine in the US and as far south as Chile.

However, all reported sightings have been disregarded as anecdotal and lacking evidence.

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