Door hell! OAP left creeped out after spotting TARANTULA on doorbell camera


A pensioner was left creeped out after spotting a TARANTULA on her doorbell camera.

Gail Masek checked her Ring gadget after getting a notification thinking there was someone outside her home.

But the 65-year-old got the shock of her life after spotting the giant spider crawling across the lens.

Its giant hair legs can be seen in close up in the scary, 34-second clip.

Nothing showing on the Ring doorbell (Credit: Jam Press / Ring)

It was like a scene out of 1990 movie Arachnophobia starring Jeff Daniels and Julian Sands.

OAP Gail, Tucson, Arizona, US said she has had bobcats and javelinas trigger the sensors before but never a tarantula.

Gail said: “It really freaked me out when I first saw it.

“Because it looked like a big hairy monster.

“I have a few friends that have refused to watch it at all.”

Suddenly the hair legs of the giant spider appear (Credit: Jam Press / Ring)

A Ring spokesperson said: “The Advanced Motion Detection feature notified Gail when the giant spider started crawling past her doorbell.

“Gail has also seen javelinas and bobcats on her Ring device but she says the tarantula is by far the creepiest.”

Despite being feared by arachnophobes, Tarantula bites are not usually that harmful to humans.

They are common in the US and nips feel similar to a bee sting.

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