Fury as wife ‘catches hubby with lover’ in packed church


Churchgoers were stunned when a woman flew into a rage after allegedly catching her husband with his mistress at mass.

Footage shows how the congregation is taken aback as the woman’s brother yells at the pair while a hymn is heard in the background.

He shouts: “What a disgrace.

With your mistress inside a church? My sister is waiting outside.”

“A fully grown man,” he huffs in disbelief.

The husband can be seen releasing his arm from around his alleged lover, getting up from the pew, and slipping away.

He is immediately followed out of the church by his wife and brother-in-law.

As soon as the three are outside, the furious woman can be seen hitting her husband and yelling at him hysterically.

She cries: “Dog! Bastard!”

She then points into the church and barks: “Call that bitch.”

Meanwhile, the faithful inside look scandalised as the insults fly a stone’s throw away.

The furious woman hit her husband and yelled at him in front of the congregation (Picture: Jam Press)

The embarrassed lover is then seen chatting quietly to another churchgoer while apparently not knowing quite what to do.

Cops were called to the scene in Barbacena, Brazil, on Sunday (13 Nov) to calm tempers.

Locals said the couple had been together for more than a decade and have an eight-month-old child.

Local media named the allegedly unfaithful man only as Paulo and did not reveal the others’ identities.

The lover is claiming she had no idea about Paulo’s marriage.

It is not clear if he and his wife are still together.

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