‘I’m the real-life Mother of Dragons – people constantly mistake me for Emilia Clarke’

A woman has revealed people constantly mistake her for the Mother of Dragons, taking to cosplay after fans thought she was Emilia Clarke.

A woman has revealed people constantly mistake her for the Mother of Dragons, taking to cosplay after fans thought she was Emilia Clarke.

Odin, 32, has been dressing as Daenerys Targaryen since 2019 after a friend commented on her similarities to the TV character.

Falling in love with Game of Thrones, she embraced the Breaker of Chains, sewing costumes, buying wigs, and designing outfits.

Sharing her cosplay on Instagram (@made_in_grid ) she pledged her sword to the kingdom of social media.

(Credits: Jam Press) Odin in her ‘normal’ clothes

“The first day I wore a cheap blonde wig, many people turned around and wanted to take a photo of me, and told me that I really looked like the character,” Odin, from France, told http://NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“I was wearing an ordinary dress and the wig.

“I told myself that I shouldn’t stop there so I began creating a black dress that Daenerys’ character could have worn.”

The fantasy show, Game of Thrones, quickly shot to success after the release of its first season in 2011, growing to over 46 million viewers by season eight, reports Forbes.

Having taught herself to sew three years prior, she threw herself into costume projects, learning to sew dragon scale-like fabric, complex outfits, and even 3D printing a dragon head for photoshoots.

Making all the outfits herself, Odin spends between £34 (€40) and £87 (€100) on materials, along with countless hours.

She said: “What takes the most time is finding the right fabric.

“The project that took me the most time was the blue dress from season three because I had to smoke the fabric, which required hours and hours of hand sewing, embroidery and even making clay beads!

“It takes me about an hour to get ready with make-up and styling the wig.

“I of course bought a better quality wig and love to style them like the character.”

(Credits: Jam Press) Odin in her cosplay

Embracing the character, she now participates in conventions and photoshoots all over France.

She said: “At conventions, I had a lot of success, with people asking me to participate in lookalike competitions.

“My husband even joined me and dressed as the guard, Grey Worm.

“My dream would be to do a photo shoot in Ireland and visit the GOT studios.”

Commenting on the beloved show, she shares her thoughts on the long-debated finale.

She added: “I thought the ending was too quick, like many fans.

“But ultimately I don’t find it inconsistent that she lets herself be carried away by madness, compared to everything she has experienced before.

“It’s a shame that she doesn’t spare the residents of Kings Landing.

“My favourite part of the GOT series is the moment when Daenerys recovers the Unsullied Soldiers and frees them from their former master.

“At that moment she begins to assert herself, to show her power.”


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