Airline pilot finds lost book in airport and wings it back to library


An airline captain has sent a lost book back to a library after finding it discarded in an airport while on his travels.

The Delta Airlines pilot, named Ben, even sent a kind-worded letter with the returned book.

He told librarians that he found the children’s book ‘Whatever After:If the Shoe Fits’ by Sarah Mlynowski in Concourse B at Atlanta International Airport, Georgia, US, where he’s based.

He posted the book back to librarians in Kansas City, Missouri, over 800 miles away.

Ben explained that he was commuting to his home in Florida when he picked up the book with the intention of returning it to its rightful home.

The pilot wrote: “I am an avid reader myself, with a fondness for 18th and 19th-century history and naval historical fiction.

“I hope whoever checked out ‘Whatever After: If the Shoe Fits’ grows up to be an avid reader as well.

“In that spirit, please let me know if there are any late fees that are applicable here as I would like to pay them myself.

Ben added: “I have also included some Delta ‘kiddie’ pilot wings for the fleet on which I am a captain.

Feel free to distribute them as you see fit.”

Officials at Johnson County Library in Kansas City were stunned by the pilot’s generous act.

The pilot’s letter to the library (Photo: Jam Press)

Ironically, they received Ben’s surprise package on 13 November – World Kindness Day.

A library spokesperson said: “Ben if you see this, we think you’re pretty awesome.

“Come say hello if you ever find yourself in our neck of the woods!

P.S. We love that you offered to pay any late fees.

“We went fine-free earlier this year.”

Local Sarah Mlynowski said: “Thank you for sharing this amazing act of kindness! I’m the author of the Whatever After series, and I love this story so much.

“I was just on a Delta flight from Florida this week, maybe Captain Ben was my pilot?

“I would love to send your branch, the reader, and Captain Ben some books if you can put me in touch?”

Another follower said: “What a lovely letter. What a kind effort. Plus, ‘Whatever After’ is the absolute funniest book series for middle schoolers by a gem of an author.”

Kat remarked: “Ben sounds like a great guy.”

Nicole wrote: “Readers are the best community of people.”

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