Influencer fed up with trolls who say tattooed lips make her ‘look like Ronald McDonald’

An influencer has hit back at trolls who say her inked lips make her look like ‘Ronald McDonald’.

An influencer has hit back at trolls who say her inked lips make her look like ‘Ronald McDonald’.

Bella Johnston, who has over 11,100 followers online, got her mouth tattooed five weeks ago, after seeing other women on social media having theirs done and liking the look.

Everything went well, however, when the 29-year-old, who has also appeared on The Bachelor Australia, revealed her new pout to her followers, she was met with mixed opinions.

Bella, known as (@spicyjohnston ) on TikTok, posted a video of her transformation which has so far gathered 2.4 million views.

(Credits: Jam Press) Bella Johnston showing her tattooed lips

“I’d seen friends and other women on my Instagram have theirs done and loved the way it looked so I was like, ‘sure’,” Bella, a content creator and nanny, from Sydney, Australia, told http://NeedToKnow.co.uk

“I was fortunate to not have to pay for my procedure in the exchange of photos of the process for the artist.

“I enjoyed the whole experience, my tattoo artist was so lovely and reapplied numbing cream every 10 minutes, so I didn’t feel a thing.”

Unfortunately, while Bella enjoyed the experience, she was a bit surprised with the end result and took to TikTok to ask for advice.

“I got my lips tattooed like a month ago and I keep waiting for me to like them but it isn’t getting better,” the caption reads.

“Are they meant to be patchy? Why is the outline so strong?”

The video has racked up 62,800 likes and hundreds of comments.

Nic said: “Why do people do this to their face man, anywhere else but your FACE.”

One person wrote: “Ronald McDonald over here.”

(Credits: Jam Press) Bella Johnston

Another user said: “That’s atrocious.”

Someone else added: “Literally why would you tat them lmao. Permanent makeup is always so patchy and strange looking.” [sic]

Heather wrote: “I got a lip tattoo like 15 years ago and I had to cover my lips with concealer for like 10 years of that.’

However, some users were supportive of her new look.

One fan said: “They all look like that in real life, it’s like how a full face doesn’t look great in a lot of different lighting, it will fade.”

Tiana added: “Should have one touch up but it will fade.”

Clem wrote: “They look good to me.”

Someone else commented: “Yours look great!”

Julia added: “It looks very pretty.”

Bella has been left shocked at the attention the video has gained.

She added: “I am a bit disappointed in most of the reactions as there has been a lot of trolling.

“People calling me ugly, saying I’m stupid and just being plain rude.

(Credits: Jam Press) Video grab of Bella Johnston showing her tattooed lips

“I don’t think my lips are botched or my artist did anything wrong, the colour just turned out a bit too bright on me and my lips didn’t retain the colour on the inside, so I need a touch-up.

“I’m very grateful to all the kind people who have offered me advice.

“I don’t want to turn people off lip tattooing – I had a great experience.

“People should stop trolling though.”

Bella also recently appeared on ITV’s The Search for Instagram’s Worst Con Artist, commenting about a fellow influencer who allegedly faked having cancer.


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