‘I rent mansions to the rich and famous like David Beckham, Megan Thee Stallion and the 1% – THESE are the extreme things clients ask for and the ONE thing I won’t do’

A real estate mogul who went from flipping houses to renting out mansions to the super-rich has dished the dirt on what the top 1% ask for, as well as shared details on some of his celebrity clients.

A real estate mogul who went from flipping houses to renting out mansions to the super-rich has dished the dirt on what the top 1% ask for, as well as shared details on some of his celebrity clients.

Jonathan Campau is the owner and founder of Luxuri, a full service residential and commercial real estate brokerage.

The entrepreneur has over $700 million in assets under management and rents out lavish properties in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Los Angeles and Aspen, Colorado.

Pictured: Jonathan Campau. (Credit: Jam Press)

Not only does 33-year-old provide high-paying clients with state-of-the-art multi-million dollar pads, but he will go to extreme lengths to make sure they’re happy.

From organising private jets to chauffeurs, booking top-notch security and dealing with unique, individual requests, nothing is off the table for the rich and famous.

”The average tab for a client booking their accommodations with us is north of $20,000 for a weekend,” Jonathan, who has 27,200 followers (@luxuri .ceo) told Jam Prime.

”We cater for the 1%.

”The landscapes have to be on point, the pool needs to be tempered.

“We’re talking about kitchens with two sinks, two ovens and the houses have a fragrance machine – the type of specifics that you can’t even see.

”It costs money to get to that level of perfection.

”The more wealthy I host, the more I continue to buy,

”I don’t care about interest, they’re paying in cash.”

Jonathan says that no request is too difficult for him and his team, who happy to go above and beyond.

He said: “I have a saying with my team – that no guest’s picky request is too far.

”They should have no attitude to the guests.

“So when they say ‘does this fragrance have no chemicals or Petroleum?’ – you don’t give them sass.

”When they ask these questions, you actually get back to them on it.

”If it’s not what they want, we’re gonna make it and make sure all our homes have it.

“Aside from the usual requests for nannies, chefs, dog walkers and drivers, we do get requests that to many may seem unusual, odd or even unreasonable.

“ I just take these opportunities to be better at our craft.

“For instance, during certain religious holidays it is not uncommon for our team to prepare homes for their religious needs, such as changing digital locks for manual, installing auto lights and gates, adding additional appliances to kitchen or even portable sinks.

“We even donate to local synagogue’ and they send a Rabbi to come bless the homes and make them Kosher prior to use.”

Other examples include shipping a Bugatti from Saudi Arabia to Fort Lauderdale for a two-month reservation for a client from the royal family.

Another millionaire asked for all furniture and light fixtures to be changed out for their one-month-stay – while someone else left £100,000 worth of their own furniture behind after check-out.

When celebrities like Cardi B and Offset book a space, they reportedly want six armed security guards and two bullet proof SUVs.

Pictured: Jonathan Campau’s Casa De Campo property. (Credit: Jam Press)

Meanwhile, Jonathan claims David Beckham asked for privacy bushes to be installed across the waterfront area of one home.

He added: “Megan Thee Stallion booked a home for the opening of her “Hot Girls Summer” and we threw a 300-person event together in three days with permits and officers on duty.

“That was stressful.

“With another client, I had a check-in at a $13m home in Key West where I had to tape up every window in the west wing with black paper so it would be ‘dark dark’ on that side for the two babies they were bringing along.

“They were paying $120,000 a week to holiday there.

“Someone else paid to remove our security system and install his own facial recognition system for just the dates of his stay.

“We never install cameras inside the house, only in the exterior for our guests’ safety.”

Jonathan also admits that some famous faces have been turned away from booking a Luxuri villa, as he fears they will have a huge bash and trash the venue.

It’s his one requirement – strictly no wild parties.

And if a guest has a history of breaking this rule, they are blacklisted.

Pictured: Jonathan Campau’s Villa Delfine. (Credit: Jam Press)

According to the CEO, rap artists such as Swae Lee, Blueface, Lil Pump, Kodak Black, Gucci Mane and many more have all been rejected by his company.

He added: “There is no amount of money that is worth the regret you feel when 200 people are partying in your one of your five-million-dollar homes

”At that point all you can do is think to yourself ‘I knew I shouldn’t have taken this booking’.

”It’s too late, you should have rejected the client from the beginning.”

The self-made millionaire’s life wasn’t always so glitzy.

After studying international business at Southeastern University, Florida, the real estate expert began subleasing smaller Airbnbs while working his day job as a business analyst.

He then moved onto flipping large homes for those on an average income before entering the luxury market.

Eager to increase his income, Jonathan researched how to up the ante – and he knows exactly how to appeal to the rich and famous.

Offering some key advice to others who want to break into the high-end property business, he added: ”To get in luxury market, you can’t just start there.

”The lower end is difficult, but you’re already in business to learn it,

”You don’t want to be practicing with the top 1% – you should be practicing with the lower-end stuff.

”Do it right the first time.

”Don’t cheap out on front end because you get cheap guests and cheap returns.”

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