Toned fitness model boasts £1.6m fortune from social media work


Toned fitness model Gracyanne Barbosa has amassed a fortune worth £1.6 million through her social media work.

The 40-year-old – dubbed the Queen of Squats – has an eye-boggling fortune tied up in houses, cars, investments, and money in the bank.

Gracyanne – who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – boasts a whopping 10.8 million followers on Instagram.

She earns her keep from partnerships, advertising, participating in events, and revenue from her line of tanning products.

Gracyanne Barbosa has earned a fortune from social media work (Picture: Jam Press)

According to local media, she charges up to £2,400 just for turning up to events – something she does about five times a month.

And for promoting and advertising sponsors or partners on social media, she charges around £3,200.

Local media say that, in total, Gracyanne takes home up to £96,000 every month.

The fitness influencer recently shared a baffling video showing her doing a handstand against a tree with her legs spread.

As she holds the pose, her husband – the singer-songwriter Belo – rubs skin oil into her muscular thighs “to keep the bikini area light”.

Júlia commented: “Wow. That’s really bizarre. My God.”

The fitness influencer takes home up to £96,000 every month (Picture: Jam Press)

But yesterday (18 Dec), she revealed that her beloved pet dog, Thor, had passed away from a cardiac arrest.

Gracyanne wrote: “He was like a son, a great friend, a companion, and now there’s an overwhelming sense of longing!”

The influencer was in the news earlier this year when she revealed that she eats a whopping 40 eggs a day.

The American Heart Association recommends eating only one egg or two egg whites a day for a healthy diet.

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