VIDEO: Terror attack at nightclub leaves three dead

Terror strikes Ecuador as a nightclub arson kills 3 and injures 11. Amid an internal conflict, the nation grapples with rising violence and unrest.
Fire at the nightclub after the terrorist attack in capital Quito, Ecuador amidst the civil unrest.

A terrorist attack on a nightclub has left three people dead and 11 injured.

The venue was set on fire.

It happened at the Dubai club in El Coca, west of the capital Quito, Ecuador.

The alleged arson attack took place at around 10:15pm on Wednesday (10 Jan).

It was 45 minutes before the military curfew came into effect.

The National Police believe the blaze was the result of a terrorist attack.

The blaze was started by “unidentified people” and affected 11 nearby premises, according to the police.

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The fire happened at the same time as other attacks in various parts of Ecuador.

Earlier this week, President Daniel Noboa declared a state of emergency and then an “internal armed conflict”.

Noboa, 36, was inaugurated as the country’s 48th president on 23 November last year.

One of the victims who suffered at the nightclub terrorist attack in capital Quito, Ecuador amidst the civil unrest.
One of the victims who suffered at the nightclub. (Picture: Jam Press)

Weeks later, his government became embroiled in an armed conflict with multiple crime gangs, most notably Los Choneros.

The suspected leader of Los Choneros, José Adolfo Macías Villamar, 44, escaped from prison last week.

Two prison guards have been charged as the authorities investigate how Macías – also known as Fito – broke free from jail.

He was serving a 34-year prison term for drug trafficking and murder.

It is not known how he managed to escape or where he is now.

A wave of violence has spread throughout the country since the conflict started.

The military has been ordered to “neutralise” nearly two dozen gangs, including Los Choneros, considering them terrorist groups.

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