Pregnant woman, 25, dies in horror car crash

Tragic car crash claims the life of a pregnant woman, scattering body parts; authorities open a case of manslaughter.
The pregnant woman who died in a horrific car crash in Romania.

A pregnant woman has died in a car crash so horrific that her body parts were reportedly scattered down the road.

The victim – named locally as Andra – was reportedly in the passenger seat of the car with her husband when it collided violently with another vehicle on Sunday night (21 January).

It is not clear what caused the accident.

Firefighters and paramedics rushed to the scene and found Andra, 25 at the time of her death, trapped in the car unconscious.

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The pregnant woman who died in a horrific car crash in Romania.
The Victim Andra. (Picture: Jam Press)

She was pulled from the wreckage and CPR was administered.

Andra reportedly had multiple traumas and was in cardiorespiratory arrest.

The paramedics couldn’t save her life and she died at the scene in Vladeni near Botosani, Romania.

The two drivers were taken to hospital. It is not clear how badly injured they were.

A local news outlet said the firefighters had to “remove body parts from the road” before reopening it to traffic.

The authorities have opened a case of manslaughter and culpable bodily harm.

It is not clear if the 21-year-old man behind the wheel of the second vehicle is the accused.

Andra, whose surname is withheld, celebrated her birthday in December and had been married for a year.

She worked at a notary office and was looking forward to becoming a mum.

Her loved ones said she was an animal lover and enjoyed caring for stray dogs.

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