Lad, 18, dies ‘surfing’ on moving car

An 18-year-old dies tragically after surfing on a moving car during a birthday celebration, leaving behind a devastated community and family.
The 18 years old lad who tragically died after doing a car stunt with his cousin in Cimadolmo, Italy.

An 18-year-old lad has died after ‘surfing’ on a moving car.

Lorenzo Pjetrushi was celebrating his birthday with pals when he performed the dangerous stunt.

He climbed onto the bonnet of the Ford Focus driven by his 18-year-old cousin and rode the moving car like a surfboard.

But several yards down the empty road, he lost his balance and fell onto the tarmac with a thud.

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His cousin, who’d got his driving licence just months earlier, had no time to react as he ran over Lorenzo, crushing him underneath the vehicle.

The teen sustained several wounds, including one to his head and a severe chest injury.

The 18 years old lad who tragically died after doing a car stunt with his cousin in Cimadolmo, Italy.
Lorenzo Pjetrushi. (Picture: Jam Press)

His shocked pals called the emergency services.

He was taken from the scene in Cimadolmo, Italy, to a hospital in Treviso by helicopter.

After spending nine days fighting for his life, Lorenzo died in the ICU on Monday (29 Jan).

He was in his final year of technical school in Oderzo and dreamt of becoming a mechanic.

His family is from Albania and has lived in nearby Ormelle for about 20 years.

He leaves behind two older siblings.

His devastated dad said: “He loved life.”

He may have carried out the dangerous stunt to film for social media, according to local reports.

The police are investigating the case and have seized the car.

Prosecutors may open a case against Lorenzo’s cousin, who is unnamed.

Ormelle mayor Andrea Manente said: “There is great sorrow in the community over this painful incident.

“Our hearts go out to the parents and relatives of this young man who passed away in tragic circumstances.”

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