Brute shot two daughters – one who was cop – and baby granddaughter dead before killing himself

A tragic incident in Norway leaves a police officer, a nurse, and an 11-month-old baby dead, allegedly at the hands of the girls’ father before he took his own life.
horrific Brute shots 3 people before killing himself in horrific in Skogbygda, Nes, Norway.

A brute shot two daughters – a cop and a nurse – and his baby granddaughter dead before killing himself.

Victoria and Katrine Nordli Korslund and tiny granddaughter Emily Nordli Andresen, just 11 months, were found in their own home.

Cops went to the smoke-filled house after the unnamed 65-year-old man called the police himself.

Inside, they found four dead bodies and a dead dog.

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All had gunshot wounds.

Then, they believe, the pensioner set the house on fire before turning the gun on himself in Skogbygda, Nes, Norway on 23 January

Katrine, 30, worked as a police officer in Eidsvoll.

horrific Brute shots 3 people before killing himself in horrific in Skogbygda, Nes, Norway.
Katrine Nordli Korslund. (Picture: Jam Press)

She was tiny Emily’s mum and lived with her partner, who is also in the police, close to her childhood home.

A childhood friend described her as “kind and sociable”.

Her sister Victoria, 24, had recently qualified as a nurse and was working at a hospital.

She was still living in the family home.

A colleague told local media that she was a “lovely and cheerful girl.”

Both siblings were animal lovers.

Katrine was a former showjumper and Victoria practised dog agility.

Even though their dad is dead, he has been formally charged with three counts of murder.

The sisters’ mum also lived in the family home but wasn’t in when the horror unfolded.

She will receive counselling.

The police have seized several firearms, including one believed to be the murder weapon.

The suspect legally owned them for hunting purposes, say local media.

Shocked acquaintances described the family as “completely ordinary people”.

Police prosecutor Anne Marie Hustad told local media: “It is too early to say anything about a specific motive.”

She added: “It is not certain that we will get a clear answer on why this happened.”

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