Psychic predicts THIS will be King Charles III downfall – and says ‘he won’t be on the throne for long’

The cards have been dealt

A psychic has given her take on King Charles III’s fate and it looks like a short reign, plus when his two sons will finally make up for good.

Rachel Hoffman, 35, from, Kent, claims to have been born with the ability to speak to spirits, having had a conversation with one for the first time when she was just three years old.

Now, she has lent her physic medium powers and tarot reading abilities to the royal family, following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II earlier this month (8 September).

Rachel was born with the ability to speak to spirits (Picture: Jam Press)

The mum-of-two says Brits should expect their new monarch to remain head of state for at least five years, but claims he will then most likely step down due to his “short temper”.

“His own anger is definitely his biggest threat,” Rachel told NeedToKnow.online.

“He has the potential to upset a lot of people and cause irreparable damage if he can’t keep it under control.

“The cracks in his temper are already starting to show, and if not managed properly I predict it will burn bridges the late Queen not only worked very hard to build in the first place, but spent decades maintaining too.

“King Charles needs to remember how powerful he is now.

“His words and actions, can have long-lasting effects on inter-country relationships and agreements.

Rachel working on the prediction (Picture: Jam Press)

“Nobody is expecting King Charles to hold the throne for long, but don’t overlook him.

“I predict he will reign as king for five years minimum, and when he does step down it’ll be either because of his health, or because the bridges he has burned with his temper and impatience have now become a serious concern.”

But what will happen after King Charles III allegedly steps down?

Rachel is predicting the biggest reunion of the century; where Prince William and Harry finally make up.

Rachel, who has 52,000 followers on Instagram (@witchy.and.wild) added: “William and Harry will remain distant for a while yet unfortunately.

“It will be the passing of Charles that will bring them back together, and even then don’t expect Kate and Megan to come too close to each other.

“They vary too greatly in personality to ever get so close, and they have learned their lesson from the first time around.

“They will remain distant when William and Harry come together again, so as not to fracture things all over again.”

The cards dealt for King Charles III weren’t all that (Picture: Jam Press)

Rachel claims she was gifted with the ability to speak to spirits from a young age and is always keen to help others understand the world better.

She added: “My ancestry roots are Romani and Irish.

“Both are very mystical cultures.

“Being a psychic is really just having access to information outside of the general norm, and although it’s very cheesy to say it, it really is something nearly everyone experiences at some point.

“Someone might suddenly have the urge to message a girlfriend, only for her to say you couldn’t have timed it better because she really needs a shoulder to cry on right now.

“Or someone might have a dream that proves an eerily accurate warning for the next day.

“I suppose when someone goes so far as to call themselves a psychic, like me, it’s just because we have access to that extra information much more regularly.

“It costs me nothing to share a few words from spirit here and there, but it can really make someone’s whole day.”

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