Balenciaga selling trousers that are half jeans, half joggers

Balenciaga selling trousers that are half jeans, half joggers

Balenciaga have started selling wacky trousers that are half JEANS, half JOGGERS.

Fashion fans unsure if they want to opt for style or comfort can now have both.

However, the trendy brand’s baggy Patched Sweatpants cost a whopping £1,550.

Their bizarre design means they are grey jogging bottoms from the waist down to the knee.

Yet they are light blue denim jeans from the knee down to the ankle.

Balenciaga selling trousers that are half joggers half jeans (Credit: Jam Press / Balenciaga)

The wacky garment is part of Balenciaga’s Summer 2023 Collection.

One shopper joked: “When you’re at the pub at 5pm, but on the sofa watching a film by 8pm.”

The Balenciaga website reads: “This item is unisex, large fit.

“Two fabric panels assembled together, sweatpants up to the knee, denim pants from the knee down.

“Mid-waist, elasticated waistband, two slash pockets.

“Destroyed at back hem, washed-out effect, dry cleaning.”

It continues: “This product contains 100% organic cotton, grown without chemical fertilisers, pesticides or GMOs.

“This method of cultivation requires half as much water as conventional cotton on average, improves soil quality and respects ecosystems and biodiversity.

How bizarre trousers look from the side (Credit: Jam Press / Balenciaga)

“Organic cotton cultivation ensures better remuneration and working conditions for the growers.”

Balenciaga is popular with A-listers like Kim Kardashian and Man City triple winner Jack Grealish.

But it faced a backlash last November by bondage bears featured in an ad campaign with kids

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