Carpenter gets nail stuck in eye after it bounces off wall

He was not using protective eye gear

A carpenter was rushed to hospital after getting a nail wedged in his eye.

The 41-year-old was using a nail gun when a thumbnail bounced off a concentre wall.

The man had not been wearing protective eye gear, which allowed the nail to pierce through his left eye.

The worker was left with a swollen eye from the freak accident (Credit: Jam Press)

The worker was rushed to hospital where doctors performed a CT scan.

The X-ray shows the 4cm curved nail wrapping itself around his eye.

Miraculously the scans showed no signs of haemorrhage.

It had punched through the lateral rectus muscle.

Doctors gave the carpenter from Saudi Arabia a course of antibiotics before rushing for surgery.

Medics were able to remove the nail through his upper eyelid before closing the wound.

Images show the man with swollen eyelids after the operation.

It is not thought his eyesight has been damaged from the freak accident.

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