Patient croons and strums guitar while undergoing brain op


A patient croons and strums the guitar while having a brain tumour removed.

Maurício Alkinder Stemberg performed for doctors as a neurological test to make sure his speech wasn’t being affected during the op.

The video shows the music producer, 55, competently fingering the stringed instrument while doctors operate inside his skull in the operating theatre.

He then sings a few lines of a song acapella so medics could evaluate his speech and memory.

Video of Maurício performing in the operating theatre (Video: Jam Press)

Maurício earns a hearty round of applause from the medical team.

He performed ‘Não deixe o samba morrer’ (‘Don’t let samba die’) by Brazilian recording artist Alcione.

The four-hour operation took place at the Cajuru University Hospital in Curitiba, south west of São Paulo, Brazil.

Neurosurgeon Carlos Alberto Mattozo explained: “Usually, the patient is woken up during the procedure to perform some neurological tests to make sure they aren’t developing any alterations or a neurological injury during the operation.”

Maurício’s tumour was removed during a four-hour operation (Photo: Jam Press)

Before the procedure, Maurício was concerned that the operation would affect his work as a musician and music producer.

His wife Sônia Souza was waiting outside the operating theatre during the entire procedure.

She said: “When I asked the nurse how he was doing, she replied ‘it must be fine because he’s playing and singing’.”

Maurício’s tumour was successfully removed during the four-hour op.

Maurício is a musician and producer (Photo: Jam Press)

One local commented: “Anyone who watches ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ knows.”

Victoria said: “Some people seem shocked to learn that brain surgery patients sometimes have to stay awake!”

Mari wrote: “Medicine really is the best, his head is wide open and he is super conscious.”

Junior remarked: “During these operations, it is important for the patient to do something so their brain is active, it facilitates the surgery.”

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