McLaren owner crashes souped-up £550,000 supercar two months after buying it


A McLaren owner crashed his souped-up £550,000 supercar, just two months after buying it.

The owner of the 205mph sports car crashed into a Dacia Sandero.

The McLaren Artura driver then careered over a road island and hit a bollard, according to reports.

As well as sustaining serious damage, one wheel flew off the supercar, which can do 0-60mp in just three seconds, during the crash.

Meanwhile, numerous pieces of the expensive supercar were left strewn across the road.

The supercar sustained serious damage during the crash (Photo: Jam Press)

The accident took place in the city of Maceió, Brazil, on the evening of 11 August.

The vendor who sold the supercar said it was delivered with around £157,200 (BRL 1 million) in accessories so the client paid around £550,200 (BRL 3.5 million) in total.

Dealership owner, Galbinha Accioly, who imported the vehicle from the UK, said: “The car had 0 km on the clock when I delivered it.

The McLaren Artura before the accident (Photo: Jam Press)

“That was two months ago.”

The unnamed 46-year-old car owner was hospitalised after the accident with whiplash and a cut head.

The driver will now have to travel around 1,500 miles to São Paulo as there isn’t an accredited workshop in Maceió to repair the Artura model.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

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