Mysterious ‘UFOs’ filmed flying over parliament building


Several suspected UFOs filmed flying over the Brazilian parliament building are being probed by cops.

The possible flying saucers are seen darting around the night sky above the National Congress building in the capital Brasília.

They were also captured flying above the nearby area of Esplanada dos Ministérios before suddenly disappearing.

Local media asked the Federal Police if they used any drones on the night in question.

A police spokesperson said: “We do not detail any methods or techniques of an investigation.”

But they vowed to send the images away for expert analysis.

The Federal District Government confirmed that they did not fly any drones over the area on any night between 13 and 16 August – when they were spotted.

A Brazilian Air Force spokesperson said: “We do not carry out studies or analysis on the subject.

“We only catalogue information provided by third parties and periodically send them to the National Archive.”

The incident was filmed on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone by a local resident who passed on the footage to UFO researcher and computer engineer Rony Vernet.

He said: “It’s rare for me to be interested in third-party UFO videos.

“But this one is fascinating to study because they are flying above the Brazilian Congress and I have obtained the originals.

“I would best describe them as golden luminous birds.”

On 22 August, Mr Vernet shared zoomed-in footage of one of the UFOs that appears to show it flying with a ‘bird flapping’ motion.

He accompanied the clip with the message: “Zoomed and stabilised original video clearly showing a bird-flapping pattern.”

The UFO researcher added: “The only logical explanation is that they are white birds reflecting the city lights, however I’ve never seen birds like that in Brazil, only in the northern hemisphere with birds like Canadian snow geese.”

Thiago Ticchetti, president of the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists, said the mysterious crafts are currently classified as UFOs simply because it remains unclear what they are.

He said: “A UFO is anything that flies and we don’t know what it is. They can be aircraft, birds and even extraterrestrial vehicles.

“If we manage to identify it, it is no longer considered a UFO.”

Regarding the images posted by Mr Vernet, Mr Ticchetti said: “I believe they are drones because the Marcha das Margaridas parade took place on the Esplanada on the 15 and 16 August.”

However, the Brazilian authorities have yet to announce their analysis of Mr Vernet’s viral footage.

One local said: “Dear aliens, please vacate our airspace and stop mutilating us and our animals.

“When you are ready to communicate and interact in a non-creepy way, we’ll be here.”

Another referred to the recent story of Peruvian villagers mistaking miners with jet packs for hovering aliens: “C’mon. Obviously they’re jet pack miners.”

Someone else said: “Holy… “So this is the instantaneous acceleration we’ve all heard of?”

Robert wrote: “Very interesting footage.”

Yet Reece remarked: “Just drones, not UFOs.”

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