Ex-airport worker reveals bizarre reasons your plane might get delayed – including broken BINS

A former gate agent has shared bizarre reasons why flights can be delayed, including a broken bin once even stopping proceedings.

A former gate agent has shared bizarre reasons why flights can be delayed, including a broken bin once even stopping proceedings.

Student Emma Swan worked at Denver airport for 18 months, picking up travel tips, tricks and secrets that have stuck with her ever since.

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The then-20-year-old eventually decided to return to college but, fascinated by what she had experienced, decided to take to social media to share some of her secrets (@mrsemmaroses).

One viral video has over 939,500 views with users shocked by Emma’s revelations.

“Flights have been delayed for multiple reasons but little do people know these reasons could be extremely small,” the 31-year-old retail leadership worker, from Colorado, US, told http://NeedToKnow.co.uk .

“As someone who actually does not love flying- once I worked at the airport for a bit, it did make me feel better to know that mechanical delays are often very simple fixes that just take time to resolve.

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“I know many people are anxious flyers like me, and knowing that these delays are not something to worry about, it actually makes journeys easier.”

Emma has come across multiple random reasons for flights being delayed, sharing one of her weirdest ones.

She added: “So one particular flight, there was a mechanical delay, I believe it was going to Arizona, and it was on a small regional jet.

“I remember it was a full flight and what was at first a 30-minute delay, it just kept getting pushed back further and further.

“Eventually, passengers start getting cranky- especially since the crew does not usually give the gate agents much info because we never want to make guarantees on anything.

“So by the time the third hour rolled around, I had a group of irate passengers demanding answers I didn’t have.

“Around this time the crew took pity on me and invited me onboard the plane.

“At this point, they informed me that the delay was because the latch that holds the trash cans for food service in place was broken.

“Meaning these trash cans were not secure which creates a huge safety risk.

“The part needed was at another airport, which needed to come in on another inbound flight – the part came in about an hour after this- and we board about 30 minutes later.”

Sharing this on TikTok, the clip racked up 81,000 likes and hundreds of comments from baffled users.

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The video was stitched to a former one which said: “POV: Your plane was delayed for mechanical issues for four dang hours and now they just expect you to get on it and pray.”

Emma then reacts to the video and explains how once she was waiting for a flight which was delayed because of a bin.

She then ends her video by saying: “Not all mechanical delays are created equal.”

Leasa said: “I once had to de-board a plane and wait an hour bc a tray table wouldn’t stay up.”

Timmy added: “That is exactly how thorough I want plane maintenance to be.”

Samuel commented: “Stopping for mechanical delays is why commercial planes rarely crash anymore.”

“Unpopular opinion here… please take all the time you need for mechanical maintenance. For any reason. I’ll sit there 10 hours if I have to,” wrote Bosco.

“I had a flight delayed several hours because the little sunshade visor in the cockpit was broken…for a night flight,” said Dallas.

“This information will give me 98% less anxiety for my next flight,” Kylla added.

Emma added: “These smaller jets are just notorious for all sorts of delays.

“They are more sensitive to heat, so you may have to bump people off the flight for weight balance issues related to that heat.

“I also have also had my fair share of unruly passengers.

“There was one time a gentleman had been removed from his flight because he was showing signs of intoxication – it’s actually very dangerous to fly when you’re drunk.

“The altitude can give you serious complications.”

In terms of advice for flyers, she said: “Just give yourself ample time and be nice to your gate agents and crew.

“Remember that most delays are with safety in mind – whether that is because of a broken trash can, or a crew that is about to time-out where it’s no longer considered safe for them to fly, or even waiting out a storm.

“Everyone wants you to get to your destination safely.

“Don’t be afraid of mechanical delays!”

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