Woman shocked to find her pancake looks like Donald Trump


A young woman was shocked to find her pancake looks like Donald Trump.

Hakone Heuckeroth was cooking her breakfast and the batter formed a funny shape.

When it started to cook in the frying pan on her induction hob it began to resemble the former US President more and more.

The top part is just like Trump’s famous quiffed hair.

Donald Trump as artwork (Credit: Jam Press/Kevin Champeny)

The bulbous face is also a spitting image of the ex-American leader.

A mouth, nose and eyebrows also formed in the side profile.

As soon as Hakone, of Rotterdam, Netherlands, saw it, she gushed: “Donald Trump” straight away.

Six of her pals also agreed.

Trump, 77, was the 45th president across the pond from 2017 until 2021.

He is currently facing a number of lawsuits in the US including allegedly trying to overturn his election loss.

A pancake that looks like Homer Simpson (Credit: Jam Press/Fernanda Galindo)

In July, Fernanda Galindo of Mexicali, Mexico saw the face of a Simpsons character in her pancake.

She said: “My pancake is Homer Simpson.”

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