Hapless cyclist poleaxed after failing to spot gate – just months after electric scooter rider did same thing


A hapless cyclist is poleaxed after failing to spot a gate in front of him – just months after an electric scooter rider did the same thing.

The bike rider can be seen hurtled down a hill in the bright sunshine.

But he didn’t notice the huge, closed metal gate blocking the path ahead of him.

The cyclist does start to brake, but it appears only to slow down as he’s going down a slope.

He still didn’t spot the barrier even when it was right in front of him as his eyes are looking straight ahead on impact.

The force of the blow on his stomach nearly throws him over the top of the gate.

His bike is left upside down on the ground as the man takes off his rucksack off his back and groans in agony.

He then sits on the floor and removes his helmet as he grimaces in pain.

The man – clad in shorts and T-shirts – was lucky to be more seriously hurt.

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The horror moment is captured on a 26 second Ring CCTV camera of a neighbouring house, in Sheffield, South Yorkshire just before 2:30pm last Wednesday (30 Aug).

The cyclepath links the city centre with the eastern suburbs.

But in March the same thing happened to an electric scooter rider.

The section of cycle path in Sheffield (Credit: Jam Press)

He can be seen going down the pathway at great speed.

The scooter rider was sensibly wearing a hi-viz jacket to make himself visible to pedestrians and road users.

But he too failed to realise there was a barrier ahead.

Electric scooter rider crashed into the same gate in March (Credit: Jam Press)

One local said: “First a scooter rider hit a steel fence.

“Now a man on a bike has done the same thing.”

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