Fourteen students treated by pastor at church after playing with Ouija board


Fourteen students were treated by pastor at a church after playing with a Ouija board in class.

The teenagers were seen convulsing and violently shaking their heads.

They displayed signs of hysteria for several hours after finding the Ouija board on the school premises.

Concerned parents arrived at the education centre to help take the 14 students to a nearby evangelical church.

The affected teens reportedly displayed aggressive behaviour that not even their parents could initially control.

Some students even fainted during the stressful situation, according to local media.

The pastor sprinkled the students with Holy water in an attempt to expel the suspected demonic entities.

The pastor is heard saying in the footage: “Out with the devil, out with Satan.

“In the name of living Jesus, cast out these bonds of the devil.”

It happened at the Puerto Alegría Educational Institute in the rural town of Yurimaguas, Loreto Department, Peru.

In addition, health professionals from San Lorenzo Hospital travelled to the scene to provide medical care for the teenagers.

After the students were treated by medical professionals, a school spokesperson told local media: “Everything indicates the incident was a case of collective hysteria.”

The spokesperson added that the affected minors are receiving psychological support following the ordeal.

Fourteen students were treated by pastor at a church after playing with a Ouija board (Photo: Jam Press)

It is unclear how the students allegedly found the Ouija board in the school and why there were no teachers around to supervise them in that moment.

Following the incident, the Peruvian Ministry of Health stated that playing with Ouija boards puts an adolescent’s mental health at risk.

The ministry said: “They cause some people, especially adolescents who are psychologically vulnerable, to suffer acute psychotic episodes and dissociative disorders as well as post-traumatic stress.

“They can enter into a trance-like state with a distortion of reality.”

Horacio Vargas Murga, psychiatrist and director of the National Institute of Mental Health Honorio Delgado, pointed out that many adolescents are unaware of the risks Ouija boards represent.

The local authorities continue to investigate the incident.

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