Man who married rag doll confronted by ex-girlfriend on TV


A man who married a rag doll has been confronted on live TV by his ex-girlfriend about using her as an excuse for his unusual nuptials.

Cristian Montenegro tied the knot to his bizarre bride two months ago.

He and his bride Natalia Ortiz also welcomed their third rag doll baby into the world.

The 27-year-old, who comes from the Colombian capital Bogotá, is frequently seen walking along the street with his rag doll family.

He said he ‘met’ Natalia just before breaking up with then girlfriend Karen Rodriguez.

Karen Rodriguez confronted Cristian on live TV (Photo: Jam Press)

At the time, he claimed Natalia helped him get over the heartache.

However, Karen reportedly resented having her name used as an excuse for her ex-boyfriend’s current decisions, and appeared on TV to confront him about it.

According to Karen, her relationship with Cristian began around two years ago when they were working together.

Cristian tied the knot to his bizarre bride two months ago (Photo: Jam Press)

Everything started out well, but their relationship took an unexpected turn when she learned of Cristian’s blossoming friendship with his future rag-doll wife.

She said: “I went out with him, I don’t know if it was 2021 or 2022, but I went to his house and had such a shock.

“I saw a doll. I got scared, I got nervous.”

Karen added that she was angered when Cristian used her name and image without her consent.

Cristian and Natalia recently welcomed their third rag doll baby into the world (Photo: Jam Press)

She said: “He used my name, my photos, and my surname on social media.

“He blamed me for breaking up with him.

“I thought he was different, a normal person, that we were going to go out and make nice plans, go to the movies, eat something.”

Karen added: “I’ve never seen someone with that behaviour.”

Cristian told Karen that he wanted to leave her alone after the split and that is why he was “already with Natalia”, adding that the doll helped him get over the break-up.

They shared a sincere hug and left the TV studio on good terms.

In a previous interview, Cristian explained: “I was alone and couldn’t find anyone in my life.

“I decided to invent and create my family so we could all be here together in this adulthood that I am having.

“If it weren’t for the dolls, I would be more alone than anyone.

“At least I have something.

“With my Natalia, we watch TV and talk about everything.”

Cristian added: “They don’t know how much I love her.”

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