Shocking moment body falls out of coffin in front of stunned family during funeral


A body has fallen out of a coffin in front of shocked family members during a funeral service.

Footage from the scene shows several men standing on a makeshift platform as they try to push the casket into a top-row niche.

However, as they straighten it and begin to push it into the space, the platform suddenly collapses.

The three men plummet to the ground, along with the casket.

The lid then flies open as the body drops out, in front of a crowd of mourners.

Some attendees turn away in shock as others rush to assist.

The group pick up the coffin and leave the body on the ground for a moment as the video comes to an end.

The incident was filmed at a cemetery in the Mexican capital Mexico City and the clip went viral on social media last week.

One viewer commented: “They died a second time.”

The body fell out of the coffin when the platform collapsed (Photo: Jam Press)

Another said: “Everyone doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh like a dolphin.” [sic]

Someone else wrote: “The coffin lid flew off!”

Sandra added: “What a dramatic way to say goodbye to a loved one.”

Troy said: “The dead can’t even be at peace when deceased.”

Fernando added: “I think he got tired of dying so much.”

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