Explorer finds creepy abandoned dentist’s office – with X-rays, used moulds, and jars of human TEETH everywhere


An urban explorer has come across an abandoned dentist’s office, filled with X-ray machines, dental moulds, and jars of teeth.

Following a landlord dispute, the practice was forced to close its doors for good, with the surrounding shops closing shortly afterward.

Picture credit : Jam Press

Leaving thousands of pounds worth of equipment behind, the property, located in Ontario, Canada, was left with its power on and much of the equipment still working.

Dave, known as Freaktography, shared his discovery online, gaining over 1,100 views from curious followers.

“There was so much stuff left behind, such as dental tools, moulds, and a jar of teeth,” Dave, from Ontario, Canada, told http://NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“I would have never imagined that a dentist’s office being closed and left abandoned would contain so much stuff!

Picture credit : Jam Press

“There were boxes upon boxes of these cast moulds, everywhere.

“ All of the dental tools, chairs, x-ray equipment…a truly weird experience.”

Hundreds of moulds were found on the property, the law requiring them to be kept by the dentists for detailed records.

Many looked ready to use, having been manufactured specifically for patients’ mouths.

Exploring the office, Dave discovered everything left in its place, with medical equipment, spare dentist chairs, and imaging machines gathering dust.

Picture credit : Jam Press

Sharing the site on social media, viewers were horrified at the spare gnashers.

“I have a huge phobia of dentists. I thought I would be OK with, right, it’s abandoned….until I heard the drill. Ugh! Great find though. Many thanks for sharing,” said Jackie. [sic]

Gretchen wrote: “Those are some scary teeth.”

Someone else commented: “I want the first xray please!!! These would make awesome place mats at Halloween!!!!” [sic]

“Probably the scariest explore ever,” wrote another person. [sic]

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