Huge ‘graveyard’ of clothes found in middle of desert


A huge graveyard of clothes has been found in the middle of a desert.

The mound included branded footwear, jackets, and even a Spider-Man costume.

Influencer Sofia Fiorella drove to the remote area with pals.

The unwanted clobber has been left about 15 minutes from Alto Hospicio, north of Santiago, Chile.

She said some of the clothes have been set on fire which causes pollution.

She claimed businesses are dumping items in the desolate area because they were slightly damaged or otherwise unsuitable for sale.

Fiorella also pointed out that many garments are in good condition and visitors can take home whatever they want.

Shocked Sofia said: “This is the sad reality of the Tarapacá Desert, just 15 minutes from the city.

“Unfortunately, we are the world’s dumping ground.

“There are no rules here, it is no man’s land.

“No one is supervising this problem.”

She added: “It’s devastating and sad for all Chileans.”

One local said: “That clothing dump can be seen from space according to the company SkiFi.”

Another suggested: “As a tip, if you took any clothes, wash them with sea salt in case anyone used it.”

The abandoned clobber even included a Spider-Man costume (Photo: Jam Press)

“This happens because the law requires that they must be destroyed to reduce taxes on dead stock,” wrote someone else.

Another local said: “Selfishness at its best, there are so many poor people who wouldn’t mind wearing clothes with a tear or stain.”

Kari remarked: “There are so many people who don’t have clothes, they should donate them.”

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