IKEA pokes fun at Balenciaga’s wacky towel skirt by selling its own version


IKEA has poked fun at Balenciaga for their wacky towel skirt by selling its own.

The trendy fashion house was mocked after unveiing the £695 garment as part of its Spring 2024 Collection.

The cotton skirt is meant to look like a towel and is wrapped around the wearer.

But flat-pack furniture giant IKEA is offering its customers the same look for just £10.

It said its Vinarn light grey bath towel has a “striking resemblance” to the Balenciaga wrap round – but is £685 cheaper.

The £695 towel skirt by Balenciaga (Credit: Jam Press / Balenciaga)

Ikea used a male model to show off their towel skirt in one of its stores.

He also wore sunglasses, a black hoodie, cream trousers and black shoes just like the Balenciaga one.

Previously the clothing brand made a £1,600 blue carrier bag that looked like one of the Swedish chain’s.

An IKEA spokesperson said: “Balenciaga has been at the pinnacle of pop culture for some time now.

“So, when the luxury fashion house unveiled a skirt that looks suspiciously like a wrap-around towel for pre-order yesterday as part of its Spring 2024 collection, the fashion world was once again stirred.

“Balenciaga is no stranger to pushing boundaries and fashion trends.

“Nor is the brand shy of drawing design inspiration from IKEA, having unveiled its own take on the Frakta bag in 2017.

Model wears IKEA’s Vinarn light grey bath towel in one of it’s stores (Credit: Jam Press / IKEA)

“But the introduction of the towel skirt is a bold move that has got the internet talking.”

They added: “The unisex towel skirt fits at the mid-waist and comes in at knee length, offering a high fashion update to an everyday at-home look, but it comes with a luxury price tag to match.

“Coming in at a hefty £695, fashion fans will no doubt be looking for alternative ways to get the look without breaking the bank.

“IKEA’s Vinarn light grey bath towel has a striking resemblance to the skirt, at a fraction of the price of the designer version at only £10.”

Customers were quick to poke fun at Balenciaga’s wacky design when it was unveiled on Monday (13 Nov).

One said: “Did Balenciaga just release a towel skirt?”

Tommy Griffiths made reference to the backlash it got last year for using kids and bondage bears in an ad campaign.

He said: “To dry themselves from washing away their sins?”

Another joked: “Watch people buy it.”

This was echoed by a fourth who said: “People still gonna buy it, which is insane.”

One – called Dom – said: “I remain convinced that Balenciaga serves as a clever satire.

“Subtly mocking individuals who unquestioningly purchase products solely for their branded labels.”

Yet one shopper said: “You’re telling me I can wear a towel and be considered fashionable?

“Oh hell ya baby.” [sic]

The Balenciaga Towel Skirt in Beige is available to pre-order in sizes small or medium.

The production description reads: “This item is unisex.

“Regular fit, mid-waist, two buttons at waistline inside.

“Adjustable belt with buckle inside, knee length.

“Material 100% cotton.”

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