Kebabs – favoured by drunks after night out – were eaten by royalty in the 18th century

Royals indulged in surprising culinary choices 235 years ago, favoring kebabs alongside traditional dishes. Explore historic palates in this intriguing study.
Kebabs on a grill.

Kebabs were a favourite dish among British royalty 235 years ago, boffins claim.

The greasy dish was routinely munched on by George III and his son, the Prince Regent, George IV.

Research looked at 43,000 dishes served in royal households between 1788 and 1813.

Kebabs on a grill.
Kebabs on a grill. (Picture: Jam Press)

And the humble kebab – favoured by drunks on a night out – was revealed as a surprise choice among the royals.

Others included chicken broth, sweet tarts, roast capon, roast mutton and asparagus.

George IV was also said to be a lover of deep-fried potatoes and cream with chicken – today’s equivalent of chicken and chips.

George III’s favourite dish was chicken broth.

The University of Essex’s Dr Lisa Smith, who carried out the study said: “Turkish kebabs might seem unexpected.

Dr Lisa Smith from the University of Essex.
Dr Lisa Smith from the University of Essex. (Picture: Jam Press)

“But they are part of a group of foods enjoyed by the kings and their households that demonstrate the impact of the British Empire, travel, and trade on eating habits.

“Our project looks at the royal table as a key location for nation-building at a time when ‘Britishness’ was being defined.

“And crucially, the absence of certain foods, such as curry, can tell us as much about ‘British’ food and changing tastes as the King’s occasional taste for kebabs.”

The study was carried out by the University of Essex, Leeds Beckett University, the University of Birmingham and University College London.

The findings were published in Food & History journal.

In more recent times the Royal family have let slip their guilty pleasures.

The late Queen was said to be a fan of fish and chips as a takeaway.

fish and chips which The late Queen was said to be a fan of.
fish and chips. (Picture: Jam Press)

Kate and Wills’ have previously spoken about their love for curry.

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