Bride arrested on her wedding day for ‘extortion’

Wedding day shock as bride Nancy N gets arrested for extortion with her groom in Toluca, Mexico. Linked to La Familia Michoacana, the investigation unfolds, revealing a poultry industry scam.
The bride who was arrested on her wedding day for alleged extortion.

A bride has been arrested on her wedding day for alleged extortion

The suspect, named only as Nancy N, wasn’t even allowed to cut her cake.

She was arrested as she arrived at the church and was hauled before the Public Prosecutor’s Office in her white wedding dress.

Her would-be husband, Clemente N, nicknamed ‘Ratón’, managed to escape and is wanted on the same charges.

The couple are accused of extorting local chicken merchants in Toluca near Mexico City, Mexico.

The authorities said six other people have been arrested in connection with the scam.

The group is also suspected of kidnapping four workers from a poultry shop.

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One man, named Santiago N, is accused of “transporting the victims in a Ford Explorer pickup truck”, according to the state Prosecutor’s Office.

They all reportedly have links to the criminal organisation La Familia Michoacana.

The authorities said: “The fight against extortion of poultry and egg businesses has caused losses of over £37.2 million (MXN 800 million) for criminal groups.

“By failing to receive £16.8 million (MXN 360 million) for foiled operations and the confiscation of 24 properties valued at £20.5 million (MXN 440 million).”

The investigation continues.

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